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Merritt Fletcher, born in Huntsville, AL, grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Trail on Monte Sano Mountain.  The name is Spanish and translates to “the mountain of health”, and Fletcher spent most of her youth traipsing about the woods, watching birds, swimming in the waterfall, collecting rocks, dodging rattlers, finding breathing caves, and watching epic ant battles.  She attributes the development of her imagination and critical thought to her experiences in the forests.

Fletcher received her first drawing lesson from her grandmother Doris.  She received her first swimming lesson from her father George, and in a former life she was a USS swimmer.  After swimming for the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa for one year, she lived in Hollywood, CA, Amsterdam, Holland, London, England, and Boston, MA.  After extensive travel throughout Europe, she studied painting and printmaking and began her life as an interdisciplinary artist. Fletcher loves adventure and laughter and being connected to the natural world –whether it is traveling to places like Ghana or Menorca to research and create artworks, cave exploring, biking twenty miles to the ocean, or just going out in the back yard to play.

In addition to making art, Fletcher enjoys epic cooking, flower growing, cat petting, palindromes, theatre, singing, hiking, playing tennis, writing stories and reading books and comics by authors like Neil Gaiman, Jeff Lemiere, Janet Frame, Jeanette Winterson, Dostoevsky, and Bulfinch. Most of all she likes adventures and prowling around with her loving witch-doctah tomcat husband Panayiotis. Fletcher’s paintings and sculptures have exhibited professionally both nationally and internationally since 2005.  Her work is also collected nationally and internationally both privately and publically.